Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Need the Gear, Dear!

My poor future first paycheck. I have it split up 25 different ways with none of them including bills. Don't worry, the hubs will smack me back to reality once I say the words, "Today is payday!" I know I'll be getting some stuff for my classroom and I'll be buying some new clothes that don't look faded. A  hair cut is in order too. However, I really need to dedicate some funds to serious work out clothes.

How is a girl supposed to get her sweat on if she doesn't have the gear to make it work? It's like a painter not having a canvas or a writer without a pen! An active person without proper sneakers...ouch is all I say. When I've been jogging, which I do inside at the moment because it's too hot out, I've been going barefoot. Not having proper support for my feet makes them ache, but wearing the sneakers I have not gives me blisters. Hmm blisters of hell for 1 week or feet that hurt? Give me the feet, please!

Yeah, I need a few things and I'm making a list now so I don't forget about it later. Also, if you have any ideas for good brands or products to purchase let me know. I'm still a work-out newbie.

What I'd like:

- sneakers (the cuter the better...makes me want to wear them more often)
- sports bras (the ones I have now are Wal-mart version and they are not big enough, but it's the largest they sell. I don't want to get hit in the face by my chest when I'm running or belly dancing - DON'T LAUGH!)
- shirts
- pants
- good socks
- headband to keep hair out of face

Sounds like a good list to me. What I have is sufficient, but I wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing it in front of people. My workout gear tends to be my "around the house" clothes so my shirts have paint splatters on them from painting walls or hair dye on them. I want to feel confident when I work out. If that means feeling like I look decent while I sweat, well by all means I will. I want colors that make me feel uplifted and motivated. I also want to look like less of a clown when I run in public. I know for a fact that the moment I do, my face will be as red as tomato and people will want to know why a tomato is running down the street. At least I'll look like a pretty tomato!


  1. check out target! they have great workout clothes that are cute colors and reasonable prices :) it's where I gear up!

  2. I was in Old Navy the other day and they had cute workout clothes at reasonable prices.

    Also, if you are looking for sneakers to run / jog etc I would suggest going to an actual running store like Fit 2 Run. They will watch you run / jog / walk and will recommend shoes that will be comfortable for how your foot lands on the ground.