Friday, July 6, 2012

La vita è bella!

Life is beautiful! A lot of things made life beautiful today. First of all it's Friday. Also, I spent a lovely lunch with some awesome ladies whom I had the pleasure of teaching with this year. I'm so grateful for meeting them and I hope to stay in touch with them.

We had lunch at Olive Garden. I love that place because it's Weight Watchers friendly. Well, I think it is anyway. As long as I get the soup, salad and bread sticks I am good to go. Their pasta e faigoli is only 3 Weight Watchers Points per a serving and it's so filling. When you order the salad ask the waiter to serve it without dressing and get their low-fat dressing on the side. My salad wasn't like that today, but I planned ahead for eating the regular salad. When it comes to bread sticks I sometimes allow myself to splurge. I did today, but like I mentioned, I planned ahead knowing I'd have more than one bread stick.

While at lunch a certain someone told me I need to go back to Zumba. I declared I hate it and that is the truth. I do need something else to take it's place, so I finally turned back to running. I've always hated running. There has never been a good memory attached to any running I've done in my life. I flash back to a P.E. class when I was 3rd grade, running across a field with lots of little stones and wishing I could just walk instead while the P.E. teacher whistled at me and told me to keep running. Ugh.

 When I see another runner I feel like I am watching a god because I swear you  need super powers to keep that up; especially living in Florida. Since I find running to be such a challenge I am going to tackle it. There's also the dream of one day participating in the Disney's Princess Half Marathon. Why not start now? In the middle of summer.

I found this guide through Pinterest that is from a blog called Healthy Living For A Better You. Here is the link if you want to check it out. And here is the guide.

I have started with Week 1 because when you en devour in something new, you need to start at the beginning. Makes sense. However, I tried walking fast and it wasn't doing anything for me so I slowly jogged for 4 minutes and then walked for 1 minute. Surprise, surprise, it was an awesome 20 minutes. I have to thank spin class for getting me through my jogging; because of the endurance I've built from spinning I was able to jog without hating my life.

That's it for today. I have a sister-in-law to get ready for since she is finally coming to visit! I've missed her so much. Little personal note, my sister-in-law is one my best friends - for real! We've been friends since high school and I married her older brother. It's like one of those story lines from a chick flick.

Ahh! I almost forgot! Yesterday was weigh-in day. I stuck to my Points and did not go to spin class so the scale read 246lbs. Thank goodness! I was scared of a weight gain since I did not work out (thank you back!).


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