Monday, August 26, 2013

Thinking Ahead

So it's August 26th and still no baby! This little boy is stubborn. I'm set to be induced on the 29th and I really do believe that he will not arrive until that day - a week later. At least I know the end is near and without a doubt I'll be holding my little miracle in about three days.

With the end drawing near I'm getting pumped about the thought of working out again. It's so close now. My hubs and I were just talking after he got home from work this afternoon and we started talking about Insanity. He finished it two months ago and I am so proud of him! About two years ago I attempted it with two of my girlfriends. I got through the first month but stopped because I was too heavy and things started hurting that should not have been hurting. Even my doctor was shocked I was able to keep up with it for that long. Anyway...

So we were talking about how he would like to either start Insanity again or try P90X. Then he asked me what I planned on doing for a workout routine. With how excited I am to start up again you would think I'd have a great answer for him. I had nothing other than I wanted to walk as soon as possible.

The problem I have with working out is that I start with an all or nothing attitude and burn out; or I can't focus all these workout moves into a routine (I've done a great deal of pinning on Pinterest). Ideally I'd love to join a gym and work with a personal trainer but that's not in my financial future. I know I can do 30 Day Shred again and I can try C25K, but after 9 long months I've thought of all these other things I can try out.

My sister does Zumba and kickboxing and she wants me to join her with kickboxing. A few school friends started doing Pure Barre classes and those sound like fun. I feel like I just need to pick something and stick with it. Also anything I decide to do has to ease me back into the swing of things because the thought of doing a push-up after 6 weeks postpartum has me terrified. I do know I want to be healthy and lose weight.

My mind will probably change after the baby gets here because I'll be sleep deprived and will want to find the workout that gives me the most bang for my buck. The first goal is start Weight Watchers and walk, then we'll see what the future brings.

What are some of the workout routines you like to do? Any classes you enjoy taking?

Hugs and love,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Great Wait

Tomorrow is the day. After 9 months of waiting my baby boy is supposed to enter the world. Ha, what a joke! This little guy is too comfy for his own good. He likes his current home and is choosing to hold tight. I've sent him an eviction notice because I want him out, but I don't think he cares. So if I don't see him within the next 7 days I will have to be induced. At this point and time I have no problem with it. I just want to see his chubby cheeks and adorable nose in person. 

I just have to survive the waiting...

There is only so much a person can do. I wake up each morning thinking, "Well today I am going to go to the store, check in on my grandma and see what my parents are up to." Then I eat my breakfast and realize I am just plain miserable, which I am allowed to be at 40 weeks pregnant, and I'm lucky if I make it next door to my parents' house. I now have come to enjoy watching morning talk shows, I know when Full House reruns are on, and I've even become addicted to Castle. That's what I do during the day. Then there is the evening, which is long. Yesterday the hubs and I broke out Battleship. Out of three rounds, I won once. The man beat me with some sneaky moves. By the time this little guy comes I'll be the game master.

One thing I do not have to wait for anymore is my Belly Bandit. If any moms-to-be are reading check this link out:

So basically it's a binder that you wear after delivery. It's supposed to help shrink everything back to size and also give you support. I'm under no illusion that my 240lb self is going to magically shrink in size because of this binder, but if helps with the recovery process then I am all for it. Really I got it because I wanted the support and to feel like I have a buffer between my sore body and the world. I figured if I had something that made me feel comfortable about my body post baby and offered support then I'd feel like going walking much sooner. Should my belly and hips shrink in the process then it's a cherry on top of the sundae called life. 

I ordered the Belly Bandit since there was a good deal going on. I got the Couture Belly Bandit in plaid because I love plaid and have a slight obsession with Scotland. The website offers other things, like support bands to wear during pregnancy. If you are interested you should check it out!

Back to the waiting game now. It would be lovely if baby boy would actually show up tomorrow. I think my chances of winning the lotto are greater! Off to look up some Battleship strategies. 

Hugs and love to you all. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Come On Baby

There are only 10 days left until my due date! TEN! I'm starting to freak out a little bit here. I'm not ready for the hospital visit and what it all entails. I've never had to go to the hospital before for a procedure or because I was sick. I've only ever gone as a visitor. It's making me a little nervous.

With that said, I hope this little man gets here before the 10 days are up! It would be great if I didn't go past my due date. I'm ready to get this next part of my life going. Also, I'm going crazy knowing there are only 10 days between me and a turkey sub. I wasn't joking when I said I cannot wait to have a turkey sub again. If it does sound crazy then I blame it on the hormones!

Really there hasn't been too much excitement around here. It's the calm before the storm. The only exciting news is that my Belly Bandit shipped and should arrive on Thursday. I'll share all the goodness about my Belly Bandit when I get it!

Also I am happy to report that I have only gained 10 pounds this pregnancy! It was a lot of hard work, dedication and determination, let me tell you. I hope that means I won't have such a hard time getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight because once I get the green light I am ready to bust through the pounds. I even have plans of getting my dad walking with me and the both of us getting healthy together.

Okay all you lovely readers out there, I hope you enjoy your week! Maybe I'll be a mommy by the end of it!

Hugs and love,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I'm Looking Forward To Enjoying Again

It's Thursday night and I should be going to bed. Seriously, I'm working on about four and half hours of sleep. I think it's very cruel that in a woman's last trimester that she is so uncomfortable she has a hard time sleeping. From what everyone keeps reminding me, I am going to be sleep deprived for a while. So why does the sleep deprivation have to occur now?

Nine months is a long time to go without something. I realized that there were things I would have to give up because they could affect a growing baby. I grumbled and moaned when I decided against eating turkey cold cuts. I cursed the world when diet soda was no longer part of my beverage selections. Through all the grumbling and the cursing deep down I was okay with it because I knew I was doing what was best to make little man healthy. However, I am now three weeks away from him being here and I am giddy - YES GIDDY- with excitement about the things I will be able to enjoy again.

Aside from looking forward to working out again and becoming a mom (of course!) I cannot wait to enjoy the things on this list again. So without further explanation here is my list of Things I'm Looking Forward to Enjoying Again:

1. Turkey Sub - I have stayed away from cold cuts, except roast beef because it doesn't taste gross when heated, because I have been fearful of listeria. Yeah, if there was the tiniest bit of room for something to go wrong because I ate a food that could maybe, possibly hurt my baby then I stayed away from it. I've missed my turkey subs and look forward to having one right after delivery. I'm not joking! The hubs has directions to get me one the moment I can have food. This mama doesn't need anything fancy. No push present. Just a turkey sub.

2. Diet Soda/Crystal Light - Can I just say I am proud of the fact that I am no longer a slave to diet drinks? I've really liked my water these last nine months. I've turned drinking the recommended amount into a game. With that said, I still want to enjoy Crystal Light and Diet Soda from time to time without feeling guilty about it. This past Easter we had dinner at my grandma's  and I almost went into full melt-down mode because all she had to drink was diet iced tea and soda. It was a special dinner and I wanted something different to drink with it. Oh man the hormones! I prevailed and drank my water. I think I'll have a diet Coke with my turkey sub.

3. Coffee - I love me some coffee. Iced, hot, blended...yum! Now, from what I've researched and what I've been told it is okay to have a certain amount of caffeine a day while pregnant. I followed that recommendation because the thought of waking up in the morning and not having a cup of coffee made me frown. Then one day I had iced tea (which had caffeine in it) and my heart sped up. That had never happened before pre-pregnancy so I freaked out a bit because it wasn't a pleasant feeling. Now all I've been drinking if I do have coffee is decaf. But then I ask myself, "What is the point?" Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced latte has my name written all over it this fall!

Aside from hot fudge sundaes and french fries, I really haven't craved anything. Even those two things were on occasion. But boy oh boy did I lust over the things I couldn't have. It may seem silly, but I really can't wait to enjoy my sub and soda without feeling guilty. I know I can't go overboard with them and I don't think I will.

After thinking about these things that I just can't wait to eat I should start thinking about healthy food now to counteract it all! After I get a good night's sleep.

Night all!