Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another Saturday edition of From King Size to Queen Size. Today has been a lazy day and boy was it much needed. The past week kicked my butt. I had to complete progress reports, get ready for an observation by my assistant principal not to mention fit in a doctor's appointment and a WW meeting in there somewhere. I usually like to keep my weekdays low key. Such is life.

I wound up with a pound weight gain from the week of Thanksgiving. I figured as much. I planned ahead for my three Thanksgiving dinners but there were a few surprises on the way. Since my aunt didn't make it down in time for Thanksgiving with my side of the family, I was able to visit my grandma instead. I hadn't initially planned on eating a pumpkin dessert, but one of my aunts brought a pumpkin roll over. I caved. It was okay though because I still had my weekly points.

Friday's Thanksgiving with my hubs' family went well. I planned it out and stuck to my plan. What got me was Friend's Thanksgiving that my hubs and I hosted last Saturday. There was lots of wine, stuffing and homemade pumpkin pie cheese cake. My hubs' friend said he was making a pumpkin pie from scratch and I had my doubts; but darn if that pie wasn't yummy!

I can live with a pound weight gain because I'm sure gained more than that last year. It's easier to lose a pound than five or seven. So I got back on track this week and it's going well. Also, I was able to get more activity in since I had kickball last night. My team finally won our first game! It rocked. I made a few plays myself on the kicking end of it. My body feels like a truck ran over it today, however. I really gave it my all last night.

I foresee the rest of the week being hard when I try to get activity in. I'm currently weening myself off Paxil (that's an antidepressant and yes, I have no shame in admitting that I was diagnosed as clinically depressed. No one is perfect and there is nothing wrong with depression). Just this evening I researched some withdrawal symptoms and I was blown away by the many support pages and information pertaining to Paxil withdrawal. Seems to be a nasty antidepressant to ween off of. My major symptom is dizziness. Hopefully I won't fall flat on my butt when I go for a walk or a jog.

It's tough getting healthy so you are ready to have a baby. I will be successful because I am motivated. If I can prevent my future children from any health issues, I will do everything in my power to do so and that means making it through this Paxil withdrawal.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Saturday evening. I have to make room for our Christmas tree. We are getting it tomorrow and I am so flipping excited. Christmas tree smell is the best! I'll have to post pictures once it's decorated.

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  1. I have heard those withdrawals are bad. Best of luck to you! Can't wait to see your tree!