Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Days 15-26

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Day is here and I could not be more excited. A little more on that in a later post because I have to catch up.

Day 15: I am thankful for my friend, Mary. We've known each other since 10th grade and even though our schedules get busy and we go days (and sadly months) without talking we can pick back up where we left off like it's no big deal. That's a special friend.

Day 16: I am thankful for quiet Sunday.

Day 17: I am thankful for evenings spent with my husband after we both have had a long day of work, especially when he's not home for 8 days straight.

Day 18: I am thankful for the view out my window during any kind of weather. It's like my own personal living piece of art.

Day 19: I am thankful for my cats, Sammy and Mick. They have really started to embrace the Baby Monster. I love watching Mick try to give my son some cat snuggles.

Day 20: I am thankful for a sweet desert every now and then to celebrate a friend's birthday. I'm glad that the world has happy people in it because we need to that joy to hold on to.

Day 21: I am thankful for the few early out days I get because it means more time with my son. Those days are even sweeter when they happen on a Friday before a break.

Day 22: I am thankful for spontaneous days out with my family that lead to laughter and fun.

Day 23: I am thankful for a dish washer. Enough said.

Day 24: I am thankful for the time spent with my mother baking holiday cookies. The holiday tradition brings me back to happy childhood memories filled with warmth.

Day 25: I am thankful for the new tradition of meeting up at lunch with my co-workers, who are now friends. We do this one a month and it's something I always look forward to.

Day 26: I am thankful for my sister-in-law who was one of my best friends before she came a member of my family. We just get each other! I'm also thankful that it is Thanksgiving Eve!

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