Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Five Is My Lucky Number

Hello my lovelies! Do any of you have a lucky number? I've always had a fascination with lucky numbers since I was a wee tot. Growing up my lucky number was 11. Everything had to be connected to the number 11. I remember that my very first softball jersey for the good ole Bagels on a Hill was number 11. And yes, my team's name was Bagels on a Hill. We sported awesome grape shade jerseys and matching hats. My parents were married in November, which is the eleventh month of the year. See a pattern going on here?

Then during our move to the Sunshine State whenever I looked at the clock in our beat up station wagon,  and actually noticed the time, it was always 5:11 a.m. or 5:11 p.m. From then on the numbers 5 and 11 became my lucky numbers. They have been in every part of my important life events or decisions. Call me crazy ,my hubs already does; but those numbers always meant success in my world. So when I started Weight Watchers again for the fifth time I knew my first week was going to be successful. I was ecstatic when the  scale read FIVE POUNDS less last Wednesday. That's right - I lost 5.4 lbs in one week. HIP HIP HOORAY!

That number has been the driving force for the past week. When I want to go over my points I think about those five pounds. I really wanted to go the lazy route last night, but I thought about those five pounds and made myself exercise. I never want to see those five pounds again. My motivation is back in full force.

I could kick myself in the butt. I knew Weight Watchers worked when I went to meetings. The first time I started resulted in great success. Why was I so stubborn for the past four years? I thought I was above it all. If I didn't need help from someone or something  and if I stayed in control all by myself, I believed I didn't have a food and weight problem. My thinking was wrong. Since I was so stubborn I gained 100 lbs in the span of four years. Pitiful. It's simply pitiful. Now I have to work twice as hard and I was putting something that I want so badly at risk - the chance to be a mother.

My doctor's voice rang loud and clear when he gently told me that my weight could be an issue with conceiving. I already knew this and decided to do something about it by joining Weight Watchers again, but to hear my doctor tell me was like a slap upside the head. So those five pounds are still sticking with me, but not on my body. They are my motivator, my lucky number in this weight loss game. Whenever I want that last bite or I 'd rather sit instead of walk I will think about the family I want and the number five. My lucky number won't be just about lucky anymore. It will mean so much more, like hard work and making a dream come true.

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