Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Spirit

Guess what today was! Alright, I'll let you was the last day of school before winter break. We have just about made it through the half way point in the school year. It's become tradition this time of year for our school to have a pajama day as a reward for school wide behavior. It's a ton of fun. The kiddos get to wear pj's, enjoy a treat and watch a holiday movie. I've enjoyed spending time with my students at this event every year since I began teaching, but this year was extra special now that I teach kindergarten. They are still at that age when everything is magical and exciting. They were able to be kids today and it was a beautiful thing to observe. 

What has touched my heart this holiday season is the love that my students have given me. Many of them wanted to give me something, anything, as a Christmas gift. Some sadly told me that they couldn't and others gave me something sweet, like a snowman ornament. While I enjoy the gifts that I received, I let my students know that the greatest gift they have given me this season was the chance to be their teacher. I'm completely truthful when I say this. The trust, faith and love they bestow upon me is amazing. Each "aha" moment from them when they finally figure out a skill they have been working on to master is a gift. When a student beams at me because they can blend the sounds in a word and can finally read it always brings tears to my eyes. I just get so excited for them when they are able to achieve their goals. 

When you take away the stressful parts of teaching, the parts no one tells you about in college, and you focus on the moments when you are teaching, what's left is magic and reminds you about the spirit of Christmas. Everyday I'm thinking about others and how my actions affect them. I want to know how I can help my students to make their lives better in the long run. Once I figure it out, then I do it.  That's what Christmas is about- focusing on blessing others and thinking about them. 

I hope my students have a wonderful holiday season. Yes, I'm excited about break because I get to spend time with the Baby Monster, but I will miss my kiddos!

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