Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's A New Year So Let's Try It Again

I'm late to the party, but here it is: Happy new year to you all! I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to 2014 getting out of the way for 2015. 2014 had some amazing highlights. One of them being it marked a full year that my hubs and I were parents. Another one is I finally became an kindergarten teacher. I also lost 43 pounds. Oh, and I found out at the very end of the year that I'm going to be an aunt!  However, there were some downs and I'm ready to leave them in the past.

My blogging has not be consistent and I am sorry to say the reason for that is that I have done NOTHING. I don't  even know what to share because my little family got into such a routine that we got into a rut. This was my life for the past couple of months and it near drove me crazy! Ready for the snooze fest?

Wake up and get ready for work.
Go to work.
Come home, play with Baby Monster, get dinner ready, eat dinner and play with Baby Monster some more.
Get Baby Monster ready for bed.
Baby Monster goes to sleep.
Catch up on work that I wasn't able to finish at work.
Go to bed.
Do it all over again.

Are you catching z's yet? There is nothing wrong with this schedule or my life. I really do have it good. I have a great job, a great husband and a great kid; but I was beginning to realize that my family was sitting on the sidelines as life was passing us by. Maybe I desire too much, but I want my day to vary with some fun and exciting things. That's why I know 2015 is going to be our year, and it's going to be filled with many more exciting and wonderful moments than last year.

We ended 2014 with a bang by visiting Disney for Christmas, spending time with my family and having friends over for New Year's. I want to keep that momentum going. This is going to be the year of DOING. My husband and I both wrote down our New Year's goals and shared them with one another. We both want to achieve similar things and I think we are finally ready to really tackle them.

I haven't been this excited since waiting for my son to be born. I can feel the positive energy for this year pushing me and God letting me know I'm strong enough to make the changes I want to see. Yup, I'm going to rock 2015!

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