Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday

Good morning my lovelies! Long time, no posts. My apologies for the lack of posts. Life was put on hold this week as I moved schools. Did I ever mention how OVER packing and moving I am? Hopefully I am now permanently set for a while. I love my new-ish school (I completed my final internship there and was able to teach as long term sub) and I love my classroom. It's purple. Perfect, right?

While all this was going on, once again, my healthy eating went on the back burner. I find it interesting  when my brain goes on overload and cannot possibly absorb any more information that the one thing I put on auto-pilot is my health. It doesn't feel like survival to me. With all of the moving I have done and lack of eating (because I ate poorly, but did overload at meals) I managed to maintain my weight for the week. Thank the stars that I did or I would have cried! There were plenty times this week where I just wanted to let the tears flow with all that's been going on concerning work.

A work friend re-inspired me to get back on track this week. She messaged me to tell me of her 10lb weight loss. I am so proud of her! At her suggestion, I bought a brand new prettified Tervis tumbler that will be used just for my lunch-time shakes. I will no longer make the shakes at school because the last time I did it, the entire staff dining turned their heads to look at me while I ran the blender. Instead, I will make two shakes in the morning so I have one for breakfast and one to bring to lunch. It will go in my pretty tumbler. I even bought fun colored straws to coordinate with. So now I don't have the excuse that I am too embarrassed to make my shake at school.

Goal setting is something that I truly believe in. If you do not have a goal to meet then what is the point of doing something? I have a goal to lose weight and to become healthy. That's a HUGE undertaking. I have to find some checkpoint to reach during this journey. I have finally found it. My hubs and I will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary this December. We were not able to have the wedding that we had planned on and we didn't have a honeymoon either. The joy of being young and broke. Yeah right...

I told my hubs that I wanted to spend a weekend in St. Augustine for our anniversary and he agreed. Then he thought, and thought and thought some more and decided that was too far to travel with our cars not being what they used to. I drive a 96 Nissan- poor old dear. So now we are going to spend a weekend at Disney World since it is much closer.

Here's the deal: I don't want to be extremely fat on my wedding anniversary. I want to look pretty, enjoy the rides at Disney without my fat hips squishing in the seats and worrying about belts not buckling. I want to eat at Cinderella's castle without feeling like shlub. So my checkpoint goal is 20 lbs by Dec. 15th. That's about 12 weeks. I. CAN. DO. THIS. And my co-workers who are reading this - please help me! Slap my hand away from the bad food. I also don't want you to think that I am not being a team player because I am not joining in the food fun, it's just I need to do this. I can't be who I am anymore physically.

Wow. Long post. I really need to stop having all this time between posts because there is just too much to get caught up on! Thanks my lovelies for stopping by my corner of the web. Enjoy your Sunday!

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