Monday, May 28, 2012

New Beginnings

I'm ready to make a change. I finally got to that breaking point where I am over what I look like. I am tired of feeling down on myself. Why feel bad when I have the power to make the change? Change is hard, I know because I did it before and fell apart from the stress of it. It's time to get over that stress now and put my big girl britches on (which ironically I want to shrink). I have the tools and support to make good on my change; what I lack is the accountability and that is where this blog comes in.

Why is this blog called From King Size to Queen Size? Well, my last name is King and it is amusing to the kindergartners I teach. In their world a guy is a king and a girl is a queen. When I started teaching them three months ago, pretty much every one of my students came to me with a smile on their face and said, "Mrs. King, your name should be Mrs. Queen. You're a girl!" I sometimes get called Mrs. Queen everyone now and then. 

As adorable and heart warming as that anecdote is, it got me thinking. I wish I looked like a queen to those students. I want to be a role model of health for them. They are observant to the point that they will notice anything. I want them to see me have healthy habits. I want to go from feeling like one of those cartoon kings with the round bellies who scarf down chicken legs (we have all seen this exaggeration before) to a regal queen (think Kate Middleton- a queen-to-be). My journey begins now.

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