Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kickin' It

Good evening my lovelies. I hope ya'll are enjoying a great weekend. Mine has been delightful so far. It's been full of therapeutic house cleaning and a lunch and movie date with my hubs. We finally took the time out of our busy schedules to rent Sherlock Holmes 2. If you haven't seen it  go do that now. The movie was worth the wait. Gotta love that Robert Downey, Jr.

So I've been in a funk lately with watching my diet and work outs. I got sick last Saturday (ewe, I'll never wish a stomach virus on my worst enemy) and it put me out of commission. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with a November fitness challenge. Three days of November have come and so far so good.

Guess who didn't have problem with Halloween candy this year? This girl! Instead of sitting around at home with a big bowl of candy for trick or treaters that never show, the hubs and I went to a book signing instead. One of my favorite authors, ever, the fantastical Karen Marie Moning, came to my area to meet and great her readers. Her newest book, Iced, was released October 30th and of course I had to meet her she could sign my copy of Iced. There was no candy involved and it was the best Halloween I have had in a long time.

It's two Karens! 
Ending a pretty great week (I also got my hair cut and colored. What girl doesn't love that?) I played my first kickball game with my fellow school pals. Our team name is the Kickin' Nuggets. Hilarious?  I think so. Personally, I love it; but I'm a nerd like that. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Up until last night I hadn't played kickball since my freshman year of high school.

 I've been programmed to believe that I stink at organized sports cheer leading is a sport!!. My father called me Missy No-Hit when I was growing up and used to play softball. My brother was the sports person. Not me. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was having fun! Every time I went to kick the ball, I did. Truly, I thought I was going to fall flat on my face! Oh and to run to the base was so much fun. I always loved sprinting. And to run without having a stitch in my side or to huff and puff? Priceless. I'm ready for the next game.

A new month and a new experience was all I needed to get back on the health train again. "Slimmer by December" is my motto. Now if I can figure out how to properly meal plan....

Have a great rest of the weekend lovelies. Hugs and love to you all. Mwah!

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