Saturday, May 10, 2014

Errand Champion

  I have a cousin named Aarron. My 8-year-old self thought he was a pretty cool dude and enjoyed going over to my aunt's house so I could play with him and his other brothers and sisters. Six kids and at the time, ages ranging probably four to 12 years old, all got together to play. Oh my, did we get ourselves into a lot of trouble! I promise there's a point to this. My mom would check off a lot of things on her to-do list on the weekend, which I am finding is prime to-do list checking time, and naturally I'd always ask her what she was doing. She would say, "I'm running errands." This answer would leave me slightly confused because all I heard was Aarron instead of errands. I tried to figure out why she was running my cousin, but it seemed like fun so I wanted to go along with her. Finally after whining that I wanted to go with her she explained that she was not spending time with my cousin, but getting chores taken care of. That didn't sound like fun.

  Years later and errands still stink! I wish it meant that I was visiting with a person I liked spending time with. Today's errands went well though. The hubs had his first Saturday in forever off so I was able to get a lot of things accomplished before 3 p.m. I slept in, played with the Baby Monster and meal planned for the next week because our veggie share is in on Monday. Then I made a grocery list. Once the hubs woke up from his early morning nap I was the gift card queen and bought a new 20 oz Tervis Tumbler water bottle so I'd be more inspired to drink all of my water. I also got the hubs a new Tervis for his coffee. We then zipped over to Chic-Fil-A (YUM!) and took that to go to the book store. The bookstore was a major score because they had a ton of baby books on sale so the Baby Monster got six new books. I dropped the hubs and the baby off at home and I was on my to go grocery shopping. I went to two, count them, TWO stores in order to get amazing deals.

   My errand running rocked! This means I get to enjoy my Mother's Day chore free. Getting things checked off my to-list makes life feel great. Since my Saturday has been awesome I am going to send good vibes out to the world and hope that everyone else has an enjoyable Saturday as well! Have fun.

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