Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No, Never, Yes

It has officially been a full week since I started my summer break. We've had a few great moments happen in the last seven days. The Baby Monster went swimming for the first time. The hubs bought him a nifty pool float for him. I think I like it more than he does because I want one for me! The float has an overhead cover to shield his delicate baby skin from sun. It's awesome. We made it 25 minutes before the Baby Monster decided he wanted to drink the pool water. I call that progress because for the first ten minutes he had his little legs locked tight and was not a happy camper. I'm looking forward to more swimming adventures this summer.

It's been a big week for the Baby Monster. Not only did he go swimming for the first time, but he also took his first step all on his own. I'm not ready for him to walk yet. He gets into enough trouble as it is and he only crawls. I can't begin to imagine the amount of mischief he will get himself into once he begins walking. I guess it's a good thing that he has shown me he understands the word "no".  At first I thought I was being ridiculous when I told him, "No, you may not climb the cat tower." Really? How in the world could he understand what I was telling him? It was natural to say it, but I felt silly. Duh, he's only 7 months. He only says "mama" and only when he's not happy with me.  Well, I've been getting good at telling him "no" these past two months because he doesn't hold back with how he feels about it.

This is the result of the word:

He does exactly what I tell him to. Today it was, "No, you cannot eat that piece of paper." He put the paper down and then gave me this face to let me know he was NOT happy that he stopped. I guess paper tastes better than I thought. That face! It will not break me. 

After The Baby Monster decided to smile again it was time to make up my Bikini Body Mommy work out from last night. Before I continue on about how I will NEVER miss out on a workout again, let me just gush about how much I love this free workout program by this really cool woman named Briana. I stumbled across the 90 day fitness challenge while talking on a mommy forum. I am so glad that I did because this was just what I needed to kick up my get- healthy journey. 

The workouts take about 20 minutes and I can get them done without the Baby Monster getting upset. Each workout is intense, but when I don't think I can do an exercise somehow I am able to. She is very motivational and comes across as genuine in her videos. I'm on day 11 of 90, but in the first 6 days of work outs (and watching my Weight Watchers Points more carefully) I saw a 6 pound weight loss. Check out the Bikini Body Mommy website here!  

Last night our power went out so I hightailed it over to my mom's because dealing with the summer heat and a  baby is no joke. I stayed over late because I did not want to go back to my place sooner than I had to and deal with a home without A/C. There was a moment when I thought I could get my day 10 workout in until I realized that I only had my flip flops and my weights were at home. I made the promise to complete the missed workout the next day and proceeded to watch Extreme Weight Loss ( love Chris and Heidi Powell!) 

Never. Again. I will never miss a BBM (short for Bikini Body Mommy) workout again unless it's absolutely necessary. It felt like a day of the Insanity workout all over again. I hate Insanity and I can't tell you why exactly. Maybe because each session felt like forever? I didn't have sneakers? Oh well I should have gone barefoot. No ten pound weights? I'll find canned food next time so it feels like I'm lifting something. I wanted to die. However, I am proud of what I accomplished today. I made a promise to myself, I followed through with that promise and I feel great! So whenever I think I can't accomplish something that seems beyond difficult, which today felt like that, I'll tell remind myself by saying, "Yes, I can do this." There will not be any more no's or never's coming from this girl when I feel like I can't do something. It will be yes- though I may make a face like the Baby Monster in the process. 

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