Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The June DietBet

I think I like throwing my money away. A couple of weeks ago I entered a diet challenge at work with a $10 buy in. I only lost about 4 pounds for the entire month so I'm confident that I won't be placing for the first, second or third place prizes. What do I do next? I enter a DietBet with my lovely virtual mamas I met through Facebook and put in $20. I have to lose 4% of my weight to get my $20 back. That means I have 27 days to lose just a smidge more than 8 pounds.

It's day two of the DietBet challenge and I'm already failing miserably. The challenge started on Monday which is my Weight Watchers weight-in day and is also my Points reset. I was ready to start off with a bang. Instead I'm down to 8 Weekly Points, have not counted any exercise and only drank three of my five 20 ounce bottles of water that I have been committed to since the beginning of May. The only thing that I'm proud of is that I have tracked every food and drink that I've had since Monday. So, what am I going to do about it? I'm going to make a plan!

My June DietBet Plan:

1. Track, track, track! My Weight Watchers app is going to be my best friend and I will measure EVERYTHING.

2. Begin the 6 week exercise plan using BBM (Bikini Body Mommy) or Dance Fitness with Jessica as my preferred activity.

3. Begin C25K after my last day of work which means I have to either wake up before everyone else to get my run in or take the Baby Monster with me so he can get his morning walk in. The Florida rainy season has begun and that makes trying to get our evening walks accomplished too much of a gamble. Will it rain or will it not rain? That is the question...from now until November. The rainy season conveniently coincides with hurricane season. You either get drenched or blown away.

4. Take my measurements because the scale is evil and shows weight gain when I KNOW I've lost something (inches I suppose) because my clothes fit better.

5. Continue to drink my water.


Losing 8 pounds or more in 27 days is possible. I want to see Onederland again. I'm so close! The proof of my hard work is in the low-fat pudding!
Left: December 2011      Right: March 2014
Now, time for that beauty rest because there is no way  I will be able to take this all on and come out on top with some decent sleep!

Sweet dreams.

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