Monday, July 29, 2013

What I Have Enjoyed With My Pregnancy

Well hello again blog world! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Monday. Mine was pretty busy for a person who is 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I'm so ready ( and so not) to get meet my little man. Being pregnant in Florida during the summer is  no joke! Now that I am in my air conditioned home, I have had the chance to just sit and think of things. Really, there isn't much I can do these days. I said I have had the chance to just sit and think of things today. As the end of my pregnant adventure draws nearer I started to think of the things I really hated about being pregnant and the things I really enjoyed. It is easy to to focus on the negative aspects of pregnancy, the things no one tells you about before you get pregnant and then suddenly once you are everyone who has been pregnant shares. For instance I could really focus on how I hated having "morning" sickness for eternity, or how I was overweight when I became pregnant and hated the pressure of my doctor watching my weight like a hawk. I could focus on how little by little I couldn't participate in the things I enjoyed doing or that I felt like some friendships became strained. The fact is I could go on and on.

I have taken little time to really stop and appreciate what I have enjoyed about being pregnant. This probably because I believe that I do not have to love being pregnant. I know I'm blessed and that because I want kids doesn't necessarily mean I would have them.  It has not been glamorous. I'm always constantly worried that something bad is going to happen. When I stopped to think about it, there are some things I have enjoyed.

1. Feeling my baby move - This has been the most amazing experience of all. When he squirms or jabs me it makes me pause and realize that I am actually growing another human being. How lucky am I?

2. My new appreciation for vegetables - One of the reasons I am fat is because I have a difficult time eating right. If you've read some of my earlier posts, my relationship with food is strained and I am teaching myself to look food in a different light. While fruit and I will always have issues, over the years I have developed a taste for veggies. Now that I'm pregnant I really enjoy them! Ask me how I feel about zucchini now. Go ahead. I LOVE IT! You want me to eat only chicken and vegetable stir-fry without any type of rice? Yes, I will and I'll even eat the mushrooms too. When I couldn't stand the sight or smell of meat sometimes all I ate were veggies and guess what - I WAS OKAY WITH IT!

3. Breaking my soda addiction - I have stepped away from the diet soda, as well as Crystal Light, during my pregnancy. I had enough people scare me about phenylalanine and what it could possible do to a growing fetus. Also, I really should be drinking water most of the time. I tried to drink regular soda every now and then in the beginning because I was craving it, but it didn't work out. I found it too sweet. I only get a Sprite on occasion and even then it has to have a lot of ice because I find it too sweet and want it watered down. I hope I can continue this trend for post pregnancy living. I'm not going to deny myself a diet soda once in a while because I do enjoy it and life is about things in moderation. I just don't think I'll need 2-3 cans of it a day.

4. Mick becoming more lovey - I have two awesome cats named Sam and Mick. Sam is older and more cuddly. Mick is younger and can be prickly. Since becoming pregnant both cats have picked up on something about me changing. Sam could care less at this point, but Mick now loves to find me and snuggle up near my belly. He either wants to sit on it (ouch! no!) or cuddle up right next to it and rest his head on my belly. He gets all snugly and starts purring like a purr machine. It's really quite sweet. I also have hormonal days when I feel bad about leaving my cats at home by themselves for a certain period of time. I won't miss pregnancy hormones!

I'll feel bad if I don't mention my husband. I always enjoy his company. It's a given. He's been really awesome throughout this whole process. I can't wait for the moment when he gets to meet his son because the poor man has yet to feel the baby move. It's all that extra padding. I love him to death and know he'll be an awesome daddy because he's been a great partner during my pregnancy.

Well that's all for today folks. Tomorrow brings Tuesday and that is just one day closer to the weekend!

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