Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday Mall Madness

WOOHOOO! Saturday marked my first payday in about three months. My bestie called me and asked if I wanted to go shopping. A girl with a paycheck  who has no plans on a Saturday and can hang with her friend at the mall? YES! We went from 3:30 and I got home at 8:30. Think of all the walking!  It was simply amazing. I now have 6 news shirts, two cardigans, a pair of capris, earrings and a necklace. Oh, and everything was on sale. I'm talking 50%-80% off. No breaking the bank for this girl!

My mall shopping was fun but I have a few things to say to the major retailers of the world. Yes, I'm talking to you Victoria's Secret and JCPenney! I find it sad that these companies (along with some others) seem to think it's okay to only carry certain sizes for women. Did you know that Victoria's Secret only carries up to a 38 in it's various cup sizes? If you'd like to order online they may have a 40. But you don't go to the mall to be told that the store doesn't carry your bra size and you have to order it online. Did you know I could only find up to a bra sized 42DD at JCPenney? What about the women who have bigger chests? Where do they go? How are they supposed to feel about  an everyday store that advertises to everyday women?

You know what else is not right? Size 18 pant not actually being size 18. I get this all the time and it infuriates me. I cannot wear a size 18 when I go to the woman's section of stores but when I go to the designated areas for plus size women (which is termed nicely as "misses") I can fit into a size 18W. Why is an 18 not an 18 all around? And why can't these stores mix the 2X and 3X with the rest of the clothing? Why do I have to shop in a different section than my friend? I also am infuriated when I see the prices for the 1X (which is different than XL ya'll) 2X and 3X shirts marked at least $2 more in the plus size section versus the regular woman's section. I found a t-shirt in XL that I tried on because it was nice and on sale for $5.00. I didn't like how it clung to me so I went in search of the 1X or the 2X ( I factor in the chances of shrinking). That same t-shirt in the plus size area was on sale for $7. And apparently larger women don't want to dress as nice as their smaller friends. In many a store I've found hideous clothing that would not flatter any body type only offered in the plus size sections. Way to make a girl feel good about herself.

I feel like I'm not only losing weight to be healthy, but to also save money. It's crazy to me. I feel like it's a " fat tax" or something. Yes someway, somehow I let myself get to this weight. I did not wake each and every morning and say to myself, "Karen, today is the day to gain more weight!" Never. Life dealt me some hard blows and I handled the stress in unhealthy ways. I'm trying to correct that. But I do not need a retailer to make me feel worse about my body. I'm hard enough on myself.

Oh, and by the way major retailers, I lost 1.8 lbs this week, so there ya go! It's not like I'm sitting on my behind not trying to better myself. But what about the other women who can't? The ones who gain weight for medical reasons. The ones who gain weight because healthy food is more expensive than a pack of ramen noodles? Shouldn't they be able to get a shirt for $5.00 instead of $7.00 like the other smaller patrons of your store? Isn't our money all the same?

If you have ever experienced what feels like being an outcast at your local clothing stores, you are not alone. We, the everyday woman, are not wrong. They are.

And on a happy note, woo hoo! I lost 1.8lbs. I'm at 244lbs now. :-)

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