Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Labor Day Weekend Y'all!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Woohoo! 3 days off. It will be my second 4 day work week as well since Isaac came to visit last weekend and closed schools down. There will be no cook-outs for me, though. Especially after getting on the scale this morning.

I gained 2.8 pounds. Ugh. I expected the weight gain though.

Since school has started I have been on a better eating schedule. You can't munch when you are teaching. There's one little set back though. Once I get home from school I am so hungry that I will eat anything and everything in front of me. Yes, I know this is not ideal or healthy. And then I fall asleep because I am beat from the day's work. I have to pull up my big  girl britches already and get over that.

Next paycheck I am going to order Monavie RVL. I need food rehab. I cannot trust myself with food portions right now and need to be reminded of that. A friend of mine is having success with it and that encourages me. She is also a very smart lady who I trust because I do not go into a food program like this without some research and thoughts from those wiser than me in the area of nutrition. So I'm a wee bit excited about it.

This Sunday I am going to start walking with my dad. He has gained some weight back during his unemployment (there should be a new job on the way late September) so I told him he needs to look sharp for his first day. Since I did not sign up for the Pilates classes at school - more to THAT story later- I can walk with my dad every evening after school. Having my dad as a walking partner will be great. I am glad that we live so close to each other.

Enjoy your Labor Day all of my hard working lovelies! Enjoy any cook-outs, but remember not to go overboard. You'll work clothes will regret it Tuesday morning.

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