Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catch That Cat!

  Hello, my name is Karen and I am a cat person. Dogs are great, just when someone else owns them. I like how cats are independent. They'll seek me out when they want some loving which is less work for me.As long as I feed them, keep their litter box clean, and make sure they are healthy I can pretty much rest assured that my cats aren't plotting  to take over our home. Cats can be weird like that.

  My hubs and I are the owners of two very interesting cats. Seriously, as I am typing this my brother just sent me a text requesting  a picture of one of them. That would be Sammy the Siamese- he's just so large that no one believes you when you tell them. You have to show the pictures. The second cat is Peanut Butter McChunks, Mick for short. There is not one hair that has a peanut butter color to it on him. He's all black. He can thank the hubs for that name. 

  Personally, I think Mick feels left out because Sam is an attention hog. It's hard not to be when you are a cool cat. When my hubs took them to a routine vet check-up, Mick was finished with his check-up pretty quickly. Sammy's check-up was longer, and it wasn't due to the fact that he had something horribly wrong with him. Nope. He's our "exotic" cat. The vet and the vet assistants at the clinic were passing him around and showing him off because they couldn't get over how mellow he was, how cool he looked and how large he was. How could Mick not develop a cat complex?

  The past seven months haven't been a picnic for Mick either. Throughout my entire pregnancy he was by my side. I thought that it meant a future friendship between him and my son. Mick was always on the belly. Once we got home from the hospital with our sweet son who wailed loud enough to wake the dead, Mick was out of sight. Sam has adjusted well. He's the cat who's developing a pet relationship with my son. They're buds. Mick just wants my attention and I feel bad because once I am able to give it to him that is when my seventh month old decides he needs my attention as well. You can only guess who wins the attention contest. This means Mick as been acting out lately by doing some really annoying things!

  I thought it was annoying when he'd hide in the bedroom while we were putting our son to bed. He'd make it so hard to get him out that it required the laser pointer and cat treats every time. Then he'd find something else- like chewing on our stash of bottled water and putting holes in the lids with his teeth. He recently has found a better way to grab our attention. 

  That is Mick escaping from our second floor porch to the second floor porch across the way. Clearly we can't allow him on the porch anymore, even with supervision. Seriously, why is my porch not screened in? This has been the greatest annoyance of my life since moving into our place a few years ago. Screens keep cats in and bugs out! I wasn't home to deal with this lovely attention seeking ploy because I was at work. My hubs had to figure this one out. It involved cat treats and my non-stop laughter. 

  What's really sad? This cat escape was the most entertaining thing to happen to us all week. Please, don't think for one second that I am not totally amused with my son. He's captured my heart and I could watch him scoot, crawl and drool all day. He cracks me up, makes me smile and fills my heart with joy. However, it is nice to get out every now and then and DO something. We've been lacking in that area lately. It's the new parent life we have going on (and the fact that bills just keep coming every month. What is up with that?). I think by the time our son is a year old we'll have it figured out...I hope. So while Mick pulled a naughty cat trick, I have to thank him for some amusement. 

I am crossing my fingers for a more exciting weekend next week. Clearly we need it. 

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