Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Proof Is In the Non-fat Pudding

What a dreary Thursday it has been in the wonderful Sunshine State. From 4:00 this morning until later in the evening it has been nothing put pouring rain, thunder and lightning. It was an icky way to spend the last day of school. Eh, it probably reflected my mood too.

I weighed in today and the results were annoying as ever. I purged a lot from my diet this week and stuck to my points so I expected a result that would make me go "Wahoo!" What I saw this morning wanted to make me throw my scale off of our second floor lanai. I'm still at 247 lbs. I learned two things from this. First, eating on my points and staying on track will keep my current weight maintained. Second, I need exercise to get the fat going.

I am not going to compare my weight loss experience to this one. That would drive me nuts. I do think, however, that my metabolism was different 4 years ago and that is why I got away with a 6 pound weight loss my first week without any exercise. Man, this means I have to break out the old Walk Away the Pounds AGAIN! I'm getting so bored of that exercise routine, but since I'm unemployed as of tomorrow, I don't dare purchase a new one. Perhaps I have to do a YouTube search for some fun things to do before spin and Zumba start on the 18th.

I'm off to a bad start with this new Weight Watchers week too. I only tracked breakfast and then I stopped. After school we went to the principal's home for an end of the school year lunch. The last I had anything to eat was 7:30 this morning and I wasn't able to eat until 2:30 later that afternoon. Another colleague and I treated the pot-luck like a buffet and went up twice for food. A lot of us did though, which proves that teachers are stress eaters. My plan is to just tell myself that my 49 extra weekly points are no longer available and count like a Weight Watchers prison warden tomorrow. And exercise.

Okay so I finished all of last week's goals. I will post a picture of my "visual representation of my weight loss" tomorrow. Now for this week's goals.

1. Get 30 minutes of movement in at least three times this week.
2. Track my points.
3. Not throw my scale off of our second floor lanai.

Now it's bedtime because I have a classroom to finish cleaning up tomorrow. Thank goodness that Friday is here and I can't look forward to sleeping in on Saturday!

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