Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simple Pleasures

   There are many things that make me happy because I am genuinely a happy person. Right now I am beyond happy, dare I say giddy, because I have a brand new  pencil sharpener in my classroom! Early in the school year I had to take over a classroom. I was welcomed with a great class, great set-up and a not-so-great pencil sharpener. I stuck with it because a good pencil sharpener is NOT cheap.
   Last week I finally caved and ordered a new pencil sharpener because I couldn't stand it any longer. It was seriously taking about 2 minutes to sharpen one pencil. It was getting to the point that I had to use another teacher's pencil sharpener. My brand new beauty arrived in the afternoon yesterday and I was able to use it today. Amazing! I couldn't sharpen enough pencils. What took 2 minutes now takes mere seconds. I feel like a new woman.
   Sharpening pencils was one of the best moments of my day. Now I don't have any more pencils to sharpen because a pencil monster seems to eat them all up. May I should invest in a never ending pencil!

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