Monday, August 26, 2013

Thinking Ahead

So it's August 26th and still no baby! This little boy is stubborn. I'm set to be induced on the 29th and I really do believe that he will not arrive until that day - a week later. At least I know the end is near and without a doubt I'll be holding my little miracle in about three days.

With the end drawing near I'm getting pumped about the thought of working out again. It's so close now. My hubs and I were just talking after he got home from work this afternoon and we started talking about Insanity. He finished it two months ago and I am so proud of him! About two years ago I attempted it with two of my girlfriends. I got through the first month but stopped because I was too heavy and things started hurting that should not have been hurting. Even my doctor was shocked I was able to keep up with it for that long. Anyway...

So we were talking about how he would like to either start Insanity again or try P90X. Then he asked me what I planned on doing for a workout routine. With how excited I am to start up again you would think I'd have a great answer for him. I had nothing other than I wanted to walk as soon as possible.

The problem I have with working out is that I start with an all or nothing attitude and burn out; or I can't focus all these workout moves into a routine (I've done a great deal of pinning on Pinterest). Ideally I'd love to join a gym and work with a personal trainer but that's not in my financial future. I know I can do 30 Day Shred again and I can try C25K, but after 9 long months I've thought of all these other things I can try out.

My sister does Zumba and kickboxing and she wants me to join her with kickboxing. A few school friends started doing Pure Barre classes and those sound like fun. I feel like I just need to pick something and stick with it. Also anything I decide to do has to ease me back into the swing of things because the thought of doing a push-up after 6 weeks postpartum has me terrified. I do know I want to be healthy and lose weight.

My mind will probably change after the baby gets here because I'll be sleep deprived and will want to find the workout that gives me the most bang for my buck. The first goal is start Weight Watchers and walk, then we'll see what the future brings.

What are some of the workout routines you like to do? Any classes you enjoy taking?

Hugs and love,

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