Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of Monavie RVL

Hello lovelies! It's Friday Evenand thank GOD! It's been a tough couple of weeks in the life of this teacher. My grade level didn't have enough students enrolled and so it was that my class was chosen to be split. Right now I am a duck without a pond, but hopefully I'll find out what my future has in store for me sometime next week. I'm just a sad sack because I already love my students so much. It is hard letting them go. I know they will be just fine with the other teachers I have the pleasure of teaching with.

Though the last couple of days have been hard I have had one thing to look forward to - my shakes. My entire system was delivered yesterday. I couldn't wait to get going. Last night I measured my shake mix for lunch, and got my two vitamins and my snack bar all ready for this morning. This morning I actually look forward to breakfast. It's one of the most important meals of the day and I am usually notorious for skipping it.

I used my amazing personal blender and whipped up my breakfast shake. The longer you blend it, the thicker it gets. By the time I was finished, my shake was almost chocolate mousse consistency. Yum! It was easy to stay on the plan today because I was at school for 12 hours. Tomorrow will be easy too. What's going to be my main problem is the weekend when I have all this time on my hands. I can do it though!

My only complaint is that I am hungry right now. I could eat some veggies, but I have been too lazy to actually go grocery shopping. Perhaps this weekend I will fix my lack of veggies issue. I also know that I will get used to eating regular portions again. The hunger won't last too long.

I'm looking forward to actually seeing the scale read lower numbers. With this program and the walking I'm doing with my dad, I'm bound to see some kind of positive results! I better see something or I'll have an upset doctor come October when I gotfor my annual check up.

For record's sake, I'm starting the program today at 246.6 pounds. Let's see what next Thursday has to bring!

Have a great Friday!

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