Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready to Rock n' Roll

Happy Labor Day to all my lovelies! I'm making this a nice relaxing Labor Day with no cook-outs or any other commitments. It's been nice so far.

Today I had the chance to learn more about Monavie RVL. After talking with J (the distributor who was kind enough to meet me), I am ready to take on the 90 Day challenge and get healthy through food again. I've tried everything - journals, Weight Watchers, soup, Slim Fast- but I feel confident in this product. After trying the samples I know that I can get healthy again and learn how to properly control my eating habits. I sampled three snack bars and two flavors of shakes. I only had small portions of the snack bars, and half of each flavor of shake and I got stuffed. I am still full! In about another hour I'm going to have the rest of a snack bar and I'm sure I'll still be full.

Please don't think I'm going to try to sell this to you, my awesome readers, I'm just really excited about this product. When I'm excited about something I gush about it. I hope reading this blog continues to inspire you to take charge of your health in what way works beset for you. For me, I have to have a strict diet and this is it.

So what have I been doing this weekend? It's been a pretty busy one. On Saturday I went out to dinner with 5 of my favorite people. Six years later, and I'm still close with my high school friends. They truly turned into the family that I needed since I had to leave the rest of my relative 10 years ago when I moved to FL. Life would have been boring without them. I was out until 1 a.m. because I did not want the fun to end and then realized Sunday morning I can't do that anymore. Haha. Staying out was so worth it though.

Yesterday I went to MOSI to check out the Mummies of the World exhibit. AMAZING!!!! The oldest mummy there was a child that passed away 6,500 years ago! And get this, it was a mummy from South America. Apparently it predates Egyptian mummification by 1,000 years. To me, it was astonishing that I could clearly see that this tiny mummy was a baby. I could still see it's hair (scientists couldn't determine if it was a boy or a girl). The next strange thing occurred when I looked at a female mummy who died 1,000 years ago in Peru. She was buried with two babies. One was in her arms and the other under her head. I felt sorrow for the death of those so young, but I felt connected. This woman passed away 1,000 years ago, but her hair was perfectly braided like a braid I wore over this summer. I got goosebumps. I was blown away by what I saw and I'm happy that I took the time to visit the exhibit. How many chances to do you have to learn about your past by getting up close and personal with people who died thousands of years ago?

Yesterday ended on a great note as well. My father and I began our walking. We walked 2 miles yesterday. I have a difficult time connecting with my father. I love him like crazy, just sometimes it feels awkward between the two of us. Walking together will be a great bonding experience.

And finally, my NARS gift set arrived in the mail. Ever since I learned about their popular blush, Orgasm, I've wanted to try it. And yes I still giggle whenever I say its name out loud. Well that beautiful blush is $28 a pop. I instead found Super Orgasm on Amazon in a gift set with the blush, lip gloss and nail polish for $31. I am in love! I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but it can't disappoint, especially since my Essie Matte About You topcoat arrived.

Look at my pretties!

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend. Don't party too hard today or work will be awful tomorrow. Just a friendly bit of advice. :-)

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