Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Saturday

Good morning my lovelies! What a beautiful morning it has been in sunny Florida. This morning I was able to sleep in until 7:30 and woke up to the natural light in my bedroom. It's always ten times better to   wake up that way than by an alarm; even if my alarm is the sound of cute chirping crickets. 

More than likely I could have slept in longer but I was too excited because I knew that I had a date with Starbucks. It is officially Pumpkin Spiced Latte season (and the yummy Salted Caramel Frappucino to go with it)! This my new way appreciate fall. My internal clock still is on Jersey time when it comes to the seasons. September hits and I expect cool weather, shorter days, and the smells of an approaching Fall. Since that is quite impossible to achieve in Florida it's Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and ice cold a/c for me. Add a little Bath and Body Works fall scented hand soaps and room fragrance and I'm good to go!

This Saturday has me feeling quite crafty. I'm debating on whether or not I want to organize my bathroom, office, or create a Halloween-themed door wreath. I'm just not sure yet. Hopefully inspiration strikes soon. 

In the health part of my life I am proud to say that I walked 4.5 miles this week with my dad. That's two times this week. I'm shooting for three times next week. And I am going to purchase the first month of the Monavie RVL program. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. When I went to Walmart with the hubs this morning I found the little Hamilton Beach personal blender that I'm going to take every where with me. It's sitting on my counter right now begging to be used to get this girl back on the proper nutrition track. 
See! It's just waiting there to be used. 

I'll have to weigh myself again when I start this. The scale and I didn't have a date this morning because I completely forgot when I jumped out of the bed. Really, I was that excited to get my Starbucks and change my car's oil. I'm strange, I know. 

I'm looking forward to a great weekend! I know it's going to be awesome because my first high school friend, Shauna, had her baby boy yesterday morning. You know the weekend is going to be great when a sweet bundle of joy is entered into the world. Congratulations to Shauna, Ryan and their daughter.  Love all of you! 

Ta-ta my lovelies and have a tremendous weekend!

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