Monday, June 18, 2012

Work Out Hell

Oh my goodness, what did I get myself into? Today kicked off a summer of Monday and Wednesday workouts. Also, I didn't think it was good enough that I signed up for one exercise class, I thought it would be stupendous stupid to sign up for another one. The cherry on top (because I hate cherries) is that both classes are on the same day! I've created my very own hell. You know what? I'm going to power through it and kick my fat's butt this summer.

My morning started off with a spin class. People warned me about the intensity of such a class, but I just shrugged them off. Oh dear lord, my behind hurts. After getting my bike situated to my height, I strapped in my feet on the pedals and began to pedal the bike thinking, "This isn't so bad. I can do this." Three minutes into sitting on the bike's seat I felt my tail bone throbbing! I had at least 57 more minutes to go and the class hadn't officially started yet. Needless to say, my behind continued to hurt through the rest of class and continues to hurt this very moment.

So many thoughts run through your head during an hour of spin. Thoughts like, I'm stuck to this darn bike with no where to go. My feet are trapped, God help me! Or this lovely mantra: I am not going to puke. I am  not going to puke. Then there is this horrendous thought: I'm sweating like a pig. Water. I need it. Oh GOD no, why did I drink the water? I'm not going to puke. I'm not going to puke.

I'm proud of myself though. Not once did I stop pedaling that bike. I may not have done 100 rpms (highest was 59 according to my monitor). I may not have stood up off my seat as many times as the other participants, or for as long when I did; but I managed to complete the entire class without giving up or losing the contents of my stomach. That deserves a pat on the back.

Once I got home from spin it was time to take a quick shower, change work out clothes and head out to Zumba. Only I forgot about one word that I should have remembered. The class is Zumba Toning. I still figured I could survive the class. It was only one more hour. I've danced before so I thought it would be like getting back up that horse that I had fallen off of for the past 10 years. Oh how naive I am. There were mini medicine balls involved. You could choose a 4lb ball or a 5 lb ball. There was no way I was lifting 5lbs. Plus the 4lb ball was purple; on color alone it won out.

I never did so many squats in my life. There was salsa, cha-cha, kickboxing and mat exercises involved with this class. The mat exercises reminded me of the Tracy Anderson Method system that I purchased last summer. I only made it through a week of the DVD's and I was done. I think I let out a moan without thinking about it. I do believe I said, "No! Not Tracy Anderson!"

I'm sore. I'm dehydrated. I'm tired. I'm going to do it all over again on Wednesday. There will be weight loss this summer and there will be fitness taking place. No more couch potato status for me! Although my couch feels pretty awesome right now.

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