Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Frenzy

Happy Monday! Last Monday I was dreading waking up. Mondays are such life suckers. However, it's the first Monday job free. I'm going to enjoy it until bed time and then tomorrow I am on the job hunt. My friend, who graduated from college this past May, is in the same boat as me. So tomorrow will be dedicated to dropping resumes off at the many schools in our district so we can be classroom teachers. I feel like a duck without a pond right now. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

To take up my time I've been on a cleaning whirlwind. My hubs and I have been in our new apartment for almost three months now and nothing is truly put away in its proper place. Today I took the time to do the regular house keeping and then went into DIY and organization mode. The underneath of my bathroom sink is super organized. My goal is to get some kind of shelving under there. I also put some awesome pictures from my Scotland calendar into pretty frames I got for Christmas. I'll have to have my hubs put them up because he likes to point out that I can never center or level anything I hang. That's fine with me; it's less work.

The final thing I finished for today's DIY fest was my visual weight loss reminder (or as I learned in W.W. - an anchor). The final product came out cute considering it was my first experience with Mod Podge.

To make these I used two washed Starbucks Frappucino bottles. Then I put orange scrap paper labels and hearts on them with Mod Podge. After the labels dried up I wrote down "pounds to melt" and "pounds evaporated" on each to measure my weight loss. There are 100 beads in the first bottle because I intend to lose 100 pounds. That will get me close to the weight I felt good at. I can't wait to move my first bead over to the "pounds evaporated" bottle.

Only a week until spin and Zumba classes begin. I can't wait!

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