Saturday, June 16, 2012

Take That Pizza!

Hello again. I am still doing a victory dance. I faced the pizza dinner with my family and came out on top. With my aunt and uncle visiting, my grandma thought it would be nice to have a family dinner. You don't know my grandma though- food is a big affair. And then we always have dessert to follow, at least three of them.

Usually when I eat pizza my inner self says, "How often do you eat pizza? Have more. Have more!" Then I don't eat just one piece. When I don't stop at one piece I go from two, then to three, and then it's a shameful amount. Oh, and I don't count a single slice. On Friday, I put an end to that routine. I saved all of my Weekly Points (the 49 extra a W.W. gets a week) so I could enjoy pizza and dessert AND count it all. That is a major success story for me.

Remember that wall work out? I've still be doing it. It's getting a little easier. I hope I can continue to do it once I start spin and Zumba. I know me. If I take on too much at once my brain tells me to quit. Perhaps it's a couch potato defense system? Well if it starts to feel like too much, I'll drop the wall work out because spin and Zumba will tens time more fun.

Have a fantastic Sunday! I'll report my exercise story for all. It should be interesting. Until then, ta ta!

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