Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Most Awesome News

Hello lovely readers. I have such great news. I'm a teacher; an official teacher with her own classroom and everything! Finally, all of my hard work has paid off. I'll be teaching second grade students this school year and I cannot wait. Give me a moment while I do a happy dance.

Okay, I'm back. This most awesome news came on such a good exercise day too. Got to love that workout high. Today's spin class was GREAT. I felt like everything fell into place. When the instructor gave us beats to count to while we pedaled to the music I kept up with it. Then I took a look at my reflection in the mirror along with everyone else and it was cool. Everyone was in sync and looked like we were dancing. I was just in this happy place. I also made it to a new top speed when we do sprints. My top speed today was 130 rpms. If you asked me at the beginning of my spin class adventures if I thought I could do 130 rpms for one minute I would have laughed. Today I did it.

A funny thing is happening. I'm finding that I enjoy spin class more than Zumba. I don't look forward to going to Zumba. I didn't go today because I needed the time to drop resumes off at schools (this was before I got the awesome news). Guess what- I didn't even feel bad that I was skipping out on Zumba again. I felt relieved.

I think I know why Zumba is not working for me. I put my all into spin class so when that hour goes by I feel like I accomplished a huge goal. I feel great after my workout. I get a smoothie ( a skinny one), go home so I can clean up and just rest for an hour or so. Everything feels beautiful and right with the world. It's my time. The thought of having to go back at it again in an hour and half is just annoying to me. I can't really enjoy my time and then go on with the rest of my day. Let's face it, I went from absolute couch potato to taking on a very hard exercise class. As much as I am enjoying my spin classes, I want my exercise to be done and over with; and one hour is just enough. It's in the morning, I'm done by 9:30 a.m. and can move on with my day.

Some contemplating has to happen since I spent money on the Zumba classes, but I feel like my mind is made up. I don't feel like I'm wimping out. I feel like I'm being smart about it so I don't burn myself out. If there is one thing I know about me, it's that when something becomes unappealing I will not stick to it because I don't see the point. It's like a fat free dressing I purchased. I bought it figuring I'd give it a try. The stuff was horrible. The bottle of ickiness cost me $3.00 so I tried to use it again but I couldn't it. There was no appeal. I didn't see the need to continue eating something that was so nasty to me.  Why keep on doing an exercise class if I don't enjoy it? Exercise should be fun to a point. So that's my only dilemma right now.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I hope to keep this gravy train chugging with a weight loss. Until tomorrow!

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